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The Therapytrike comes in 2 sizes Child & Adult and suits children from the age of 8 to 14 and 14 to Adult

both sizes come in 2 versions, a single user manual version and a multi-user electric version. This version uses motors to control the seat height and rake and allows them to be adjusted while the user is seated. It is designed for use in schools and environments where a number of people may use a single therapytrike.

Stadard Options are:

Pedals with a harness to hold the foot into the correct position.

Mudguards with armrests for the user

A tray table can be fitted for those who may have arm issues.


Should you require specialised alterations these can be carried out, such as non-standard seating or alterations to the pedals to suit differing foot and leg conditions.



Therapytrike Options

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