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The Therapytrike project started after looking for a bike or trike for our daughter Tara after some leg surgery. We needed a method to stop her legs seizing up, and already she has Botox every three months, but even then there are issues with flexibility day to day and is unable to support her own weight.

As nothing was available so we decided to create what we needed. For some of the time we need the pedals to move her legs, but when they become too stiff then we would still like her to have some fun and be outside. Her feet are held in place with straps and a simple mechanism allows each pedal to be changed from pedal to freewheel easily in seconds. Adjustment of the pedal length is simple and can be done in seconds while she is in the seat.

Due to her inability to hold herself upright a low centre of gravity was required to ensure she was safe, a higher centre of gravity could causing cause instability in the device allowing it to topple over, it also helps as its semi-reclined attitude allows safe use by those with poor back strength or uses a wheelchair with side supports.

In Tara's' case Steering needed to be through the carer who pushes the trike, but should things change then we wished for her to be able to steer the unit herself.


The canopy gives shade and help stop the chance of seizures caused by flickering light and also can shade from strong sunlight. Its easy removal allows the use of a hoist to lower her into the seat. A full 5 point harness is used to hold her into position.

Once created it was then pointed out that these needs were almost universal and the device also would suit anyone of almost any age with brain injuries or impairment who would benefit from the therapeutic  benefits of bike riding or muscle movement. The success we saw meant we then tested the Therapytrike among other people and professionals we knew for their thoughts and feedback, and then took into account their feedback. 

At that point we thought and decided that the device was so different to what was available we decided that it should also be built here, by people who understand the issues and understand the goals we all have as parents and carers.

We can proudly say designed and manufactured here in Queensland for the whole of Australia and is a world class device.


Contact Dave & Caroline Ingerson 



+61 7 3200 3207

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