The Yes/No Box

Yes / No VoiceBox

Please feel free to copy this design, or modify it to suit your child.

The Yes/No box is a simple modular 

adaptive technology speech box.  Anyone  can make one for just a few dollars. 

When a large tactile button is pressed , the box speaks for the child, each button can have its own message lasting up to 10 seconds.

A microphone and recording button on the side allow easy changing of the message.

Each Button is modular, so they can also be fitted to a wheelchair tray, a play table or anything you like with any number of buttons used!

You can add use as many modules as you wish, and fit them to a play table, you could fix objects to the buttons by replacing the colours with Velcro, its really up to you. 

Simply cut off the play button, and solder or crimp the  wires to the microswitch contacts on the arcade button (the wires can be either way around)and fit into what housing you want.  

I used a craft pencil box, cut a pair of 25mm holes in the top to fit the buttons, a pair of 25mm Holes in the side to glue the speakers to, and a set of holes for each speaker hole and 3 small holes to hold the record button, the recording light, and the microphone, fix all parts into place using a hot glue gun.

We have had some schools that have had the boxes made in retirement resorts, or mens sheds,who also connected the electronics, the kids decorated the boxes in art classes, then each had their own personal designed unit

For a yes/No box the basics are 2 Arcade machine Buttons (these come in various sizes (here I am using 60mm buttons) and a Recordable Greetings card Boards.  Both these items are available for just a few dollars each from e-bay and suchlike. Each module is simply made up of a Board and a button.

To record the message you simply press the record button and speak into the microphone while the red light is on. Playback is simply by pressing the large button


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