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Information for the Occupational Therapist

The Therapytrike is designed to allow an end user to safely deliver leg exercise to the user, while also having a fun aspect and allowing the user to get outdoors. It is also designed so that when turned it can have a side to side movement of the seat to promote the use of back muscles for core stability, this can be altered or even stopped depending on the users needs.

The carer, when pushing can can control the speed the pedals rotate to ensure safe use and can if required disconnect each of the pedals independently in the case of high spacticity.

Pedals are independently controlled and are not only adjustable to freewheel or be direct drive, but at the same time can have a special crank  arm that allows the pedals to be set in different crank lengths allowing for those whose legs have different levels of movement.

A semi-recumbent seat is supplied trimmed in a vinyl cover that is removable. A seat is also available for those with specific back needs that allows the use of separate wedges to contour to specific back needs as are a pommel or side supports.

the seat locates into 3 positions at the front , and is also adjustable at the rear, this allows the legs and body to be positioned into the optimal position for user comfort, safety and to allow you to maximize the delivery of therapy.Alternatively an electrically adjustable seat allows for seat adjustments to be made while the user is seated, this is designed for where many users will use one Therapytrike.

Adjustment for leg length is via seat runners and these can be adjusted while the user is in the seat.

A 5 point harness holds the user in place, and helps support them in the correct position on the seat, seat rake and angle is adjustable  and can be reclined for those with low levels of trunk control and when side to side movement is enabled during turning.

The Sun Shield allows glare to avoided for the user, and can stop rapid light changes that may cause seizures. 

Brakes are either mounted for the user to control on the steering arms or to the push/steer arm at the rear. 

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