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Advantages of the Therapy Trike

The therapy trike was made from our experiences with a child with a disability, but soon developed far beyond that for rehabilitation for adults and children.

Often we find that many manufacturers do not understand the needs of those with a disability, and as such overlook issues that we all deal with all the time. The therapy trike is an example of how we believe it should be done, its allright having a focus group or a specialist, but living with someone with a disability puts a whole new perspective on it. Things are not picked up that unless you live with with it, something that manufacturers are often unaware of. We believe we have answered many of the questions we all have.If you have a question, please just ask via our Contact Us Page.


Simple Size and angle adjustment

The seat can be adjusted via seat runners, but also can be adjusted to alter the height at both the front and rear to ensure the seat can be set into the desired position for optimal effectiveness.Two versions are available a manual version and an electric version that allows the seat to be adjusted with the user still seated.

Adjustable lateral Movement.


The Therapytrike has adjustable side  to side movement of the seat that happens when the handlebars are turned. This is to allow a spacial awareness and promote the back muscles to try to sit the user upright.

Drive or Freewheel

Our  simple clutch mechanism means that you can change each pedal individually to be driven or freewheel  in seconds, the crank allows multi positioning of pedals  to allow for differing ranges of leg movement. 


Sun Canopy.


The optional canopy is designed to just slip into place, it allows the user to avoid direct sunlight, eliminating light flicker that may incur seizures.


Easy single user Operation

A single carer can easily ensure that physiotherapy can be supplied in a safe and fun manner for almost anyone, without the risk of tipping during use or the danger of the Trike or Bike toppling while the user is getting into the seat.

Attended or Self Controled Steering

Steering Levers allow the user to steer the Therapytrike, alternatively a simple push arm at the rear allows for both pushing and steering, it can also have  the brake controls fitted there if prefered.

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