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The Therapytrike

The Therapytrike is a specifically designed physiotherapy Trike designed to
help individuals with leg impairment or brain injuries  by moving, stimulating  joints, muscles and circulation. The Therapytrike strengthens and can help pattern train leg muscles and strengthen the core back muscles while allowing individuals to have therapy in a fun environment. The Therapytrike is a safe and easy method of physiotherapy for a wide range of ages and disabilities. It has been developed with input from specialists with the aim of bringing therapies to many more people than is currently available. The Therapytrike is a fun safe way  for children and adults to receive therapies without compromise.  

When Pushed the Therapytrike can drive the legs in a pedaling motion, it also can move the seat from side to side when turned to allow the user to compensate and try to hold themselves more upright. Its seat is designed for use even by those with poor lateral support and is designed to be able to help most people.

  • Easy size adjustments for different users and 2 options for seat sizes, child or adult, both designed for maximum comfort.

  • Independent clutch mechanisms allows for driving the legs for pattern

      training of muscles or freewheeling for fun if muscles are too tight to

      allow movement.

  • Low seat to floor height assists in safe movement and to prevent the

      possibility of toppling of the Trike during use.

  •  Allows easy use of a hoist to lower larger users into the seat.

  • Attended or self controlled steering

  • 5 point harness allows security of positioning,  and ease of use while

      maximizing safety for the user.

  • Requires minimal training for the carer to use, and allows safe use even with a single carer.


  • Optional electrical adjustment of seat allows for height and rake adjustment without removing the user from the seat and allows a single bike to be used for many people.

  • A canopy that fits in seconds and shields from direct sunlight to reduce the chance of photosensitive epilepsy and direct sun


Pitch@Palace 3.0 Australia Finalist 2019

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